My project gives a broad overview on the world of magic - from an objective point of view.

Millions of people around the world believe in unseen force. This way of life provides them with answers to the most difficult questions and gives them a feeling of control and influence over reality.

Folk beliefs, Jewish mythology, cosmic energies, charms, religions, magical archeological finds and mind-control. 

There is no way of measuring these “phenomena” (which in Latin are called superstitio) or to deny their existence. These are supernatural phenomena, above the physical world.

My series of products examines, through re-use, the influence of magic - the human-material-spirit connection, or the connection between consumption and purpose on the one hand, and results on the other hand, cannot be measured with western tools. The main motif is belief. How is belief embodied in the product, in the material, in the western culture, domestic, human, and day-to-day life?


Salt 2 Blowing*

Spreading salt scares away evil spirits and negative energy in the kitchen and around the house.
Blow hard through the golden spout toward the contaminated area. 

Salt 2 Blowing* Operates as a double cleansing instrument - breath blown through the instrument is cleansed by the salt, then, the salt that sprays around the living space preforms another cleansing procedure. 



Toy  Camera - slideshow for spiritual guidance.
Look through the eyepiece while raising the toy towards a source of light. Eight RABBIES will be revealed to you, slide after slide at every push of the button.This toy is intended to be a cheap plastic toy for the orthodox Jewish sector, it's orientation is to inhabit the shelves of department stores. 

It's another link in the contrevercial territory of sculpture and mask.



A Jewel that allows a direct and natural self-conversation.

Wear the object on your face - mouth and ears. Talk to yourself out loud. Talk about ambitions, goals that you have not yet achieved, fears, things that you want, dreams, and hidden thoughts. This device surfaces the sub-conscious to the conscious.



Indicator to Touch Wood.
With this device you can be sure that the gods that are responsible for the cancellation of vanity received the motion to dismiss. 
To cancel a silly thing has been said and may cause the 'evil eye', for example: knock on wood three clicks at equal intensity and at equal intervals in two seconds. If the procedure was done correctly the device will illuminate through the wood for five seconds.


Good day machine*

This machine produces a mascot for a better day.
Every morning, charge the machine with 15cm of tin and something from you (hair/nail/eyelash). After 10 minutes take out the tin that melted into the water from the machines bottom drawer. The tin you received from the machine should be kept close to the body during the day.
Before bedtime throw the mascot to the trash bin.


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